Claims Capture & Investigation

The platform generates enquiries and helps to gather medical records for preliminary opinions about failures in episodes of care. Less meritorious cases are identified and closed at no cost to the claimant. Meritorious claims are assigned to the Legal Division.

Legal Services & Healthcare Resolution

We aim to speed up settlements and healthcare resolutions by bringing together claimants, consultant lawyers, medical experts, funders and specialists. They use the platform to access, bill and process claims using court-compliant digital protocols.

Data, Learning & Technology

The case studies, data & analytics collected by the platform are shared with healthcare providers, companies, startups and universities in the MedTech sector. Helping to build apps to detect substandard care & prevent the same mistakes being repeated.

Sajid Hussain

Sajid is the CEO and the lead architect of digital strategies he works with stakeholders of the ecosystem.

Sajid is a University of Oxford certified Blockchain and Fintech strategist. His businesses have been awarded 'Claims Innovation Awards', 'Claims Management Company Of The Year' and an 'Interactive Media Award'.

Sajid's experience includes generating over 60,000 enquiries, working with Allianz to develop an after the event insurance product and launch a fixed fee ready cloud-based clinical negligence case management system.

Dr Ian Kirwan

Dr. Kirwan is an early adopter our ecosystem. As a senior consultant, he is involved in assisting with medical investigations and our connected care projects. Dr Kirwan trained at the national firm, Irwin Mitchell, and has built on his experience and knowledge over the past 10 years acting only for the Claimant. Prior to him becoming a Solicitor, Dr. Kirwan obtained a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology at the University of Leeds and has worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Cancer Research where he was involved in the identification of novel targets in order to design improved therapeutical compounds.

Dr. Kirwan’s technical knowledge and dual qualification have also helped him to obtain a Law Society accreditation in the past.

Daniel Clifford

Daniel Clifford is head of the legal services division and oversees the consultant lawyers. In his previous role, Daniel worked his way up to a plateau partner at a top 100 law firm. Where he launched a clinical negligence department and developed a team that successfully acted in many complex multi-million pound claims over a 25 year period.

Daniel is a litigator but has taken the experience gained from his working life to assist clients in finding imaginative solutions to often difficult challenges. This has allowed Daniel Clifford to be successful in acting on many significant cases, including in the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Kalapi Darmeci

Kalapi heads our investor relationships and will be responsible for communicating the group's financial performance and strategy to key external stakeholders and litigation funders. Kalapi also oversees M&A opportunities in our ecosystem.

His experience includes a successful turnaround of DNB's Global Emerging Markets portfolio resulting in the fund size growing from US$100mn in 2010 to US$400mn+ by 2015.

Harman Matharu

Harman is head of our Investigation Services Division and is a system/workflow developer. Harman has extensive experience in digitalising the whole of the medical negligence claims investigation process. Over the last 7 years, she has assisted in managing hundreds of preliminary investigation services for 27 law firms and their clients and has built a network of medico-legal experts, agencies, consultants, doctors, and nurses, which she is introducing to our ecosystem.

Harman's experience helps provides participants and stakeholders of our ecosystem with innovative ways to investigate claims and outsource risk.

Professor Dominic Regan

Professor Dominic Regan of City University, London. Professor Regan has been working with Sajid on the strategy and development of the court-compliant smart billing protocols and legal cost management functions.

He is a columnist on the New Law Journal and special adviser to the Association of Costs Lawyers. He has advised Sir Rupert Jackson (former Court of Appeal Judge) on costs management pilot scheme on reform and continues to do so.

Fahad Tariq

Fahad joined the project in 2018, to continue the development of our AI/ Machine Learning Strategy which seeks to learn from the aggregated and anonymised data captured from patient experiences and the claims process.

He is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, with an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He brings extensive experience in software, iOT and mobile app development.

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