FinTech powered platform for lightning-fast detection, prevention and resolution of failures in the Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Device Markets

Fintech platform for faster detection, prevention & resolution of failures in the Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Device Markets

Our Mission

  • Improve positive patient outcomes
  • Fast resolutions & better prevention
  • Reduce professional indemnity costs
  • Incentives for UK taxpayers

Our ecosystem has an innovative approach to rapidly capturing market share.

Stakeholders of our ecosystems include established online legal brands. We aim to provide their website visitors with lightning-fast funding, insurance and signposting decisions. Enabling enquiries to be risk assessed, identified and independently verified or signposted in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Participants Member Benefits

Participants of our ecosystem include independent medico-legal experts, consultants and agencies. They use our platform to access and efficiently review medical records, provide preliminary screening opinions and court compliant medical reports. Our technology and data-driven protocols revolutionise these processes enabling them to provide preliminary opinions 24 hours a day.


To ensure claims are not under-settled, claimant solicitors instruct participants who are specialists in a variety of professional services. These can include:

    • Forensic Accountants
    • Medical Expert Agencies
    • Investigation Services
    • Defendant Insurers
    • Costs Lawyers
    • Rehabilitation Services
    • Financial Advisors
    • Training Providers
    • and more


Participants of our ecosystem include independent specialists in the property market. They assist claimant lawyers to calculate cost relating to property adaptation, smart home technology or relocation costs for a severely injured claimant to a new adapted property.


Rehabilitation and care participants of our ecosystem assist claimant lawyers to calculate the costs of providing restorative health and care provision. In the case of severely injured claimants the costs of both rehabilitation and care can be life-long.


Our ecosystem enables defendants and professional indemnity insurers to develop cost effective processes whilst reducing risk exposure. Court-compliant digital protocols provide faster and fairer settlements improving compliance and accountability.


We plan to bring together a community of developers, technology companies, startups and universities, passionate about the IoMT and connected care space. They can use the data intelligence and case studies to build smarter connected care applications that deliver improved patient outcomes more efficiently and are capable of tracking the numbers of failures that have been avoided, lives and costs saved.

FIND OUT MORE > puts patients and medical standards of care at the centre of the ecosystem, then align the interests of all stakeholders and participants in developing ethical products, services, partnerships and schemes which efficiently improve accountability, transparency and trust between stakeholders and participants.

We aim to assist patients who may be potential claimants and one of the motivations to pursue a claim is to stop others to go through the same experience. They can opt-in to the share their anonymised data and experience with our medtech partnerships to develop better technology for learning and prevention in the future.

Our solution provides them with non-recourse funding and insurance to cover the costs independent investigations, legal representation, valuation and cost recovery services.

Our MedTech partnerships are on a mission to efficiently improve positive patient outcomes, which will play a part in reducing the cost of professional indemnity cover for healthcare professionals and providing a saving to the UK taxpayer.

The vision for solutions developed through our MedTech partnership's will harness the capability of preventing, detecting, and also quantifying certain types of damages caused by clinical negligence in real-time before any complaint is raised by the patient or case reviewed by a lawyer.

Our ecosystem is on a mission to efficiently improve positive patient outcomes, which can play a part in reducing the cost of professional indemnity cover benefitting medical professionals and healthcare providers globally, as well as UK taxpayers.

Our fintech platform, ecosystem and payment solutions provide investors with a socially responsible alternative investment asset secured on bills owed by the UK government, healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, law firms and insurance companies.

Creating an alternative investment asset for investors and liquidity for outstanding bills owed to stakeholders and participants. This will power the growth of the ecosystem and provide ROI for investors.

We start by disrupting the dislocated UK Clinical Negligence Market

The current way clinical negligence matters are resolved and lessons are learnt is slow, can lack innovation, accountability, transparency and trust. Patients affected by clinical negligence can wait years for a resolution. The UK clinical negligence market is a slow adopter and is operating like the banking sector, before the financial crash, challenger banks or FinTech revolution.

Patient-reported incidents are rising and the demand for independent medico-legal opinions outstrips the supply lawyers and independent medical professionals can deliver under the traditional model. Limiting both access to justice and positive patient outcomes, while driving up professional indemnity costs for medical professionals, healthcare providers and UK taxpayers.

NHS Data

NHS reported incidents are rising towards 2million a year (NRLS, 2016) while only 10,673 new claims were logged and estimated to cost £4.5billion in 2017/18 (NHS Resolution, Annual Accounts 2017/18)

Other Organisations

The potential market is far bigger than the illustration provided as this only show claims against the NHS. Claims are also made against private dentists, private hospitals, pharma companies, medical equipment manufacturers and more.

While the MedTech sector is an emerging global sector. It is seeking to efficiently improve positive patient outcomes through connected healthcare applications and medical devices. Therefore case studies are far more important than in other sectors.

Claims Capture & Investigation

The platform generates enquiries and helps to gather medical records for preliminary opinions about failures in episodes of care. Less meritorious cases are identified and closed at no cost to the claimant. Meritorious claims are assigned to the Legal Division.

Legal Services & Resolutions

We aim to speed up settlements and healthcare resolutions by bringing together claimants, consultant lawyers, medical experts, funders and specialists. They use the platform to access, bill and process claims using court-compliant digital protocols.

Data, Learning & Technology

The case studies, data & analytics collected by the platform are shared with healthcare providers, companies, startups and universities in the MedTech sector. Helping to build apps to detect substandard care & prevent the same mistakes being repeated.

We start by disrupting the UK medical negligence litigation market.

The Market

Billions of pounds (GBP) is being paid out each year by defendants for negligent healthcare treatment or providing defective medical devices.

The Problem

The demand for non-recourse independent investigation services and legal representation by potential medical negligence victims outstrips the supply lawyers and independent experts can deliver through their legacy systems. Data shows reported incidents keep rising, while access to justice is going down.

The NHS is the largest healthcare provider in the UK and is UK Government-owned. It has set aside GBP 77billion (NHS Resolution, Annual Report 2017/18).

Regulatory sandboxes, changes in legislation and technological advancements have opened new ways for innovative data focused legal, investigation, funding and prevention solutions for the UK medical negligence claims and professional indemnity insurance markets. These solutions have the potential to revolutionise global markets.

Reported incidents keep rising and potential claimants are failing to access justice or find a solicitor to represent them on a no win no fee basis. Those who do instruct a solicitor can find they can wait along time for their settlement.

The majority of claimant lawyers work on an hourly billing model and can often find themselves working on non-billable tasks including claims that fail, affecting their ability to assist more clients and restricting their earning capacity.

Defendants include:

  • Private healthcare providers,
  • Pharma companies,
  • Medical device manufacturers,
  • Professional indemnity insurers
  • National Health Service (NHS)

It is a legal obligation for defendants or their insurers to pay fair settlement costs to medical negligence claimants in order restore a balance back to a claimants quality of life. Therefore settlements can include:

  • future treatment,
  • private care
  • life-time care
  • rehabilitation
  • loss of earnings
  • financial losses,
  • relocation costs
  • property adaptation
  • adapted vehicles
  • smart home technology
  • independent financial advice
  • legal bills
  • disbursements
  • ATE Insurance premium
  • and more

It can take claimants, their lawyers and After The Event (ATE) insurers 18-48 months to recover damages, legal costs and ATE insurance premiums from defendants. Creating cashflow problems and restricting the number of claimants that can be assisted or covered.

Our solutions are transforming the way medical claims are captured, funded, investigated, billed and recovered.


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  • Our ecosystem aims to open access to justice and holistic services for victims of medical negligence
  • Our FinTech platform uses MarTech, Lawtech and InsureTech to efficiently capture, investigate and qualify potential claims.
    Meritorious claims are identified early, and are funded and insured using litigation funding or Decentralised Finance (DeFI) solutions.
  • A network of consultant lawyers across the UK use our platform to access, process and settle cases using our court-compliant billing protocols.
  • We share case studies and anonymised data with the MedTech sector to help improve positive patient outcomes and play a part in reducing, detecting or preventing medical negligence.

  • Our technology open up access to justice allowing more claims to be captured and investigated 24 hours a day
  • We decentralises our billing protocols for tranparency, real-time independent auditing and valuations